Monday, October 30, 2006

Quick Fix: Stuttering/Dropped Frames with a Motorola DCT6412/16 Series III Cable Box

If you have a Motorola DCT 6412/16 and are experiencing dropped frames or stuttering when viewing HD content please read the following. This is a quick guide to "fix" this problem with your cable box.

Step 1: Turn your box off.

Step 2
: Press the menu button on the cable box remote or the front of the box.

Step 3
: You should now see a menu labeled "User Settings". Change your output resolution from 1080i/720p to 480p

Step 4
: Press menu again to exit. Then press power.

Step 5
: Tune to an HD channel that previously stuttered and watch for ~10 minutes. You should see that the stuttering is gone.

Step 6
: Turn the box off again and press menu to switch back your resolution to 720p/1080i. Press menu again to exit, power on your box and you should be good to go.

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Posted by TheTech @ 8:55 PM

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Does the motorola DCT6416 III support the use of HDMI cables? If yes, is there any special trick to get it to work? Shaw Cable has tried to tell me its a faulty HDMI cable but those have since been replaced.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:02 PM #
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